DASKO: Mississauga needs a real fiscal conservative as its next mayor

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On June 10, we have a clear choice for our future.

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I am the only fiscally conservative candidate running to be the next mayor of Mississauga. I am the only candidate for Mayor that voted against the regional budget this year because it was too high and taxpayers deserved better.

I will insist on fiscal accountability by keeping tax increases at or below the rate of inflation. In addition, we will undertake a citywide efficiency review of all expenditures to find necessary savings without reductions to our level of service.

I will encourage public-private partnerships where they benefit our community and negotiate a long overdue new funding deal with the federal and provincial governments.

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Growing up, we did not lock our doors. Now it is unacceptable that residents are looking out of their front window before they go to bed to see if their car is still in the driveway. That is why I have already negotiated with Peel Regional Police to have funding in place to purchase land for a new police division in southern Mississauga. I will also work with the federal government to end catch-and-release policies that allow criminals to reoffend.

We need to deal with foreign speculators and criminal elements who are laundering money through real estate investments, which is driving up the price of purchase and rent. Toronto has implemented such a tax and we are vulnerable to these elements moving over into Mississauga.

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As mayor, I will aggressively pursue new business development opportunities and jobs for our residents to work, live and retire in Mississauga. As we continue to grow, we must cut red tape and create an environment where small, medium and large businesses want to locate and thrive in Mississauga.

I have a well-rounded career, having graduated from Carleton University with an honours degree in political science. During that time, I served as a researcher for the chair of the Standing Committee on Finance on Parliament Hill.

I also have a background in business, being in the investment industry and having successfully led a turnaround for a technology company. I know what it means to make payroll at the end of the month. I then served as chief of staff to Frank Klees, a former MPP, and in this capacity I spent a significant amount of time supporting the public accounts committee.

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In 2018, I was elected to council with 47% of the vote and was re-elected in 2022 with over 70% of the vote. I get things done! I love this city and my wife Maria and I are proud are to call Mississauga home.

I am running for mayor of Mississauga because I am passionate about Mississauga and I know with the right leadership we can be a great, world-class city of the future.

As a lifelong resident, I know the best days are ahead of us.

I listen and I collaborate. This is often how we get our best results.

I want a Mississauga that has a common sense approach to decision-making with more services for our seniors, including a mayor’s seniors advisory group.

I want Mississauga to be a city with a world-class waterfront and a vibrant downtown. Now is our time to have efficient and reliable transit and that means getting a long-needed subway along Dundas from Hurontario to Kipling subway station. I want to lead Mississauga forward with respect for our existing communities, while we continue to build intelligently, affordably and to follow our official and local area plans.

I want to be your mayor for today and tomorrow.

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