I Am Your Beast, a covert revenge thriller revealed by Strange Scaffold

Strange Scaffold, the developer of the kidnapping simulator Life Eater, has revealed its next title, I Am Your Beast. It’s a first-person shooter and covert thriller title in which you exact revenge on those asking a little too much of you and learn to hate wasps.

In I Am Your Beast, you play as returned secret agent Alphonse Harding. The problem is his retirement has been interrupted by ‘one last mission’ a few too many times, and now he’s out for revenge. The latest mission quickly descends into a guerrilla war between Harding and his employers, the Covert Operations Initiative, and will see you shooting through a forest full of enemies while using the weapons aimed at your head to take them down.

Take fast-paced revenge to a whole new level in I Am Your Beast

You can play the I Am Your Beast demo right now by heading to its Steam page and trying it out. The game launches for PC on August 15, 2024, via Steam, and will come to iOS slightly later on August 28, 2024.

Strange Scaffold’s Xalavier Nelson Jr. revealed I Am Your Beast during the PC Gaming Show 2024. Alongside the trailer, he hinted at his newfound hatred for wasps, and there’s actually a clip in the video that reveals where this might have come from.

The game is designed for you to quickly take down enemies and then use their weapons to keep up your killing spree. In addition to firearms, you can use melee weapons to take out your foes and even drop wasp nests onto them. Just watch out for the inevitable stings because you’ve got to move fast through this game, or you’ll be taken out fairly quickly.

I Am Your Beast features a fully-voiced story with over 20 levels to shoot your way through, delivering on a ‘he’s-in-the-walls’ power fantasy with head-exploding power to boot. The comic book art style might not be for everyone, but as a fan of the original XIII, I instantly want to dive in.

This isn’t a linear adventure, with open sandbox levels to explore and chase down side objectives in as well as the overarching goal. With such a big focus on speed and stealth, it’s hard to imagine how these side objectives will work, but Strange Scaffold has a portfolio of games that subvert expectations and end up giving you some of the most enjoyable experiences. So I’m confident it’s going to get this right as well.

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