Destiny 2 Servers Are Still Struggling After The Final Shape Launch

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Destiny 2 launched the Final Shape expansion today, the finale to its sweeping Light and Darkness Saga, however the launch has been plagued by server issues and error codes in its first 12 hours of release. While some issues have now been solved, players still are reporting issues with accessing the new content.

Some players have reported disruptions as they try to play through story content, having trouble loading into missions, or being removed from a mission just before the final cutscene played, while others haven’t been able to load into the game at all.

Bungie issued an apology for the connection issues from the Destiny X (formerly Twitter) account and spoke candidly about the troubleshooting process, providing a timeline of the bugs it has already been able to resolve.

In the thread, Bungie said it fully resolved one issue related to sign ons within 2 hours of launch, a spike in Honeydew error codes was fixed within 20 minutes of being noticed, and a spike in Weasel and Plum codes was also fixed in just over an hour.

Bungie reports that the issues related to Currant error codes, which have been one of players’ main grievances in playing through story content, started around 3 PM PT. According to the latest from the Bungie Help account, the Destiny 2 team’s work on this issue has since seen “significant recovery” from Currant error codes.

The game is continuing to see a higher than average number of error codes, including Cabbage and Weasel codes, but Bungie Help says it will provide additional updates on these “as needed.” For players who already missed out on cutscenes due to server issues, Bungie has added a temporary workaround where missions can be replayed in the Pale Heart map.

With a higher than average number of players logging on to experience the new content, Destiny 2’s post-update server issues aren’t surprising, even if they are inconvenient for players trying to play through the new missions. The game’s Steam statistics show that Destiny 2 was just shy of breaking its all-time concurrent player record in the last 24 hours–and probably would have if server issues hadn’t intervened.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape is out now, bringing with it a major patch with a huge list of updates, and a new raid that will launch this weekend. For more on the new content, check out our Final Shape guides hub.

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