Deal for Necas: “No chance” because of Jesperi Kotkaniemi –

The Canadiens want to get their hands on an offensive player this summer.

And that’s why there’s been so much talk lately about Martin Necas.

The idea makes sense, because the Hurricanes will have trouble keeping him (salary) and because he fits Kent Hughes’ needs right now.

But even if Kent Hughes has him in his sights, it could be hard to get hold of the man who scored 71 points (!) in 82 games during the 22-23 NHL season.

The reason is simple: in Carolina, Jesperi Kotkaniemi’s record still hurts.

Even though Don Waddell (who offered KK the qualifying offer) is no longer around, we still remember the friction caused by KK’s avenue to Carolina:

Even if the Tricolore likes the player, there seems to be no chance of a trade with Montreal given the tensions surrounding Jesperi Kotkaniemi’s 2021 offer sheet. – Nick Kypreos

From this article, written by Nick Kypreos.
The guys at Habsolument Fan wrote about it too:

The principle is easy to understand.

The Habs aren’t in the Hurricanes’ good graces (even though they have a new GM) because the KK deal between the two clubs didn’t pan out.

But if Kent Hughes comes up with an offer that Eric Tulsky (Hurricanes GM) can’t refuse, he owes it to himself to consider it.

That said, does the owner in Carolina want to see his GM (interim, remember) trade one of his electrifying players?
Does the owner in Carolina want his GM to see Necas leave?

The file is starting to make a lot of noise, and it’s logical to believe that Martin Necas’ future is not in Carolina.

At least, with all the rumours circulating about him at the moment, it’s hard to believe that the player has a sense of belonging to his club…

And it’s logical to think so, especially since Necas will be as free as a bird in the summer of 2026 if he doesn’t sign a long-term contract with the Hurricanes.

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