WWDC 2024: Apple’s iOS 18 first beta could bring these features to iPhones

Apple iOS (Source: Apple)

Apple iOS (Source: Apple)

Apple is anticipated to roll out iOS 18 beta for select iPhones soon after the keynote session at its developers-focused event, Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is set to kick off on June 10. While Apple is expected to largely focus on AI integration within its native apps for iPhones with iOS 18, the next-generation platform update is likely to bring new design elements, too. Here are some of the new features that could be available for developers in the developers’ preview of the iOS 18:

Siri: Apple’s digital assistant for iPhones is expected to get AI treatment. According to reports, Siri would likely gain the ability to hold more natural sounding conversations with users and generate more personalised responses based on the usage pattern of the user.

Apple might upgrade Siri with OpenAI’s GPT AI model, leveraging the deal between the two companies which is expected to be made official at the WWDC 2024. With GPT AI models backing the virtual assistant, Siri would likely gain generative AI capabilities such as text generation, image generation and more. Additionally, Siri might get access to more in-app functions allowing it to assist users in their daily tasks.

Although Siri is expected to get some of these features straight away, some might take more time than others to be available.  

Mail: Apple is expected to integrate AI into several of its native iPhone apps and Mail is no exception to it. The Mail app on iOS 18 powered devices would likely suggest AI-generated responses on received emails.

Messages: Similar to the Mail app, the Messages app would likely get AI-generated response suggestions, too, but there is more in store for it. Reportedly, Messages app on iOS 18 will allow sharing AI-generated custom emojis and even new Tapback icons. Additionally, the app would generate a summary for all the missed messages in a conversation so that the user does not have to go back and read all messages to get the context.

Apple would also likely roll-out Rich Communication Service (RCS) messaging support on iPhones with iOS 18.

Safari: The iPhone’s native web browser is expected to get a built-in AI assistant capable of summarising entire articles, web pages, and more on the users’ request.

Photos: Photos App on the iPhones would likely get new AI-powered editing tools such as “Photo Retouch”, AI object eraser and more. Additionally, the Photos app on iOS 18 might get a redesigned look with an improved user interface.

Notes: Apple is likely to bring significant improvements to the Notes app for iPhones. The updated Notes app with iOS 188 would likely get the ability to record and embed voice notes in between texts. Additionally, leveraging the voice recording feature within Notes, the app is expected to get the ability to transcribe voice into texts in real-time.

Voice memos: Similar to a possible new Audio recorder on the Notes App, Voice Memos will get real-time audio transcription feature as well.

Keynote and Pages: Keynote and Pages app would likely get a new AI-powered writing assistant with text generation and summarisation capabilities. According to some reports, Keynotes can also get the ability to generate entire slides using AI.

Apple Music: Apple is expected to bring an auto-generated playlist feature to the Apple Music app. The feature will reportedly create customisable playlists with songs that have been selected based on users listening preferences. Another possible feature for Apple Music app includes smart song transitions for a smoother transition between multiple music tracks.

Notifications: With iOS 18, the AI model running behind the scene would likely understand and summarise all the notifications received.

Home Screen: Reportedly, with iOS 18, users will be able to customise app icons on the home screen with different colours. For example, if the user wants he can make all the social media app’s icons red or all music streaming apps in green.

Settings: Settings app on iOS 18 would likely get a major redesign with a more streamlined user interface and a much improved in-app search.

First Published: Jun 05 2024 | 11:17 AM IST

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