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Jeff Apter of Keiraville has a suggestion for ‘Yes’ apparel aficionado Viv Mackenzie (C8): “Just tell anyone who asks that you’re a big fan of ’70s English prog rock. That’ll work.” Optus are happy for you to proceed, too.

“Apropos of when it is OK to wear one’s ‘Yes’ cap again, what should I do with my ‘Vote Tony Out’ t-shirt?” asks Bruce Turner of Dapto. Just keep an eye on the Senate, Bruce.

Jack Dikian of Mosman isn’t keen on folks airing their dirty laundry in public: “I read today that smart washing machines want you to load your personal data before loading it with your laundry. Does this spell the end to dirty secrets?”

“A coldblooded snake-smuggling syndicate? (C8) Sounds like something out of Python,” reckons Don Bain of Port Macquarie. Les Greene of Dubbo thinks the reptile rustlers were “caught in an elaborate sting.”

The recollections of Robert Hosking (C8) on the Crown Princess of Albania and the Williams clan (daughter-in-law, not daughter just quietly) got the attention of Ruth Dickman of Pymble: “Like Robert, I too lived in Avalon in the ’50s, ‘60s and ’70s and recall Susan Cullen-Ward worked in the local travel agency in the Barefoot Boulevard building. Robert, did you attend Avalon Public School?”

“A new toilet seat arrived in a box marked ‘Bottom Fixing’,” writes Gordon King of Alstonville. “Does this mean?: (A) One’s bottom will become attached to the seat? or (B) If there is anything amiss with one’s bottom, then it will be remedied by using this seat?”

Sharing her birthday with Column 8, Josephine Piper of Miranda, was born on 11th January 1942 and is a member of what is known as “the SOL (Sex On Leave) generation. Not knowing my father until he returned from New Guinea in 1945, I used to embarrass my mother by calling anyone in a slouch hat, ‘Daddy’.”

“No discussion of placename pronunciation (C8) would be complete without the honourable mention of Goonoo Goonoo near Tamworth,” declares Joy Nason of Mona Vale. “Check it out!” Mick Miller of Ettalong Beach, Ken Short of Blackalls Park and Denis Sullivan of Greystanes have done just that with Mick explaining that it’s also “pronounced as different words: ‘Gunna Gunnoo’.”

“Y-fronts (C8) inside out in the dryer? Haven’t these people heard of a clothes line” asks Llieda Wild of Eastwood. “What is the world coming to?”

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