Tesla outperforms Volkswagen, Subaru, BMW

A Tesla car outside its Amsterdam showroom on October 23, 2019. — AFP
A Tesla car outside its Amsterdam showroom on October 23, 2019. — AFP

Tesla outperformed automobile companies like Volkswagen, Subaru, and BMW, capturing 4.2% of the US market in 2023.

In the US auto industry as a whole, Tesla increased its market share and sold more than 25% more cars in the US in 2023 than it did the year before.

Kelley Blue Book released its 2023 vehicle sales data by the manufacturer this morning. With a 14.1% increase in sales from the previous year to 2,577,648 vehicles sold, General Motors remained the top automobile manufacturer in the US.

From 522,444 sales in 2022 to 654,888 sales in the United States last year, Tesla increased its sales figures by 25.4%.

With 522,444 sales in 2022, the company held a 3.8% share of the U.S. automobile market overall, surpassing the 2.5%, 2.1%, and 2.5% shares held by automakers such as BMW, Mazda, and Daimler for the same year.

Sales of Tesla vehicles increased by 0.4% to a 4.2% market share in 2023. Tesla is currently ahead of Volkswagen, Subaru, and the three previously listed businesses as a result of the improvement. Tesla’s market share was only 0.1% less than that of Volkswagen and Subaru.

Tesla had a great year in 2023, and because the business plans to launch new products in the US this year, the number should rise even more in 2024.

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