Taylor Swift changes outfit mid Eras Tour show due to Scotland weather

Taylor Swift in Edinburgh 

Taylor Swift became a victim of the chilly Scotland winds.

According to The Sun, the 34-year-old Bad Blood singer had to pause her second sold-out Murrayfield Stadium show as the Saturday night in Edinburgh got cold.

Till the acoustic session of the three-and-a-half-hour show, where she played guitar and piano herself, the singer wore black gloves, seemingly to resist the weather.

The pop star had faced a similar situation the night before, where she said to the fans, “My hand is frozen in a weird cramp.”

“This has never happened before. I’m really sorry,” she said, proceeding to massage her palm to improve the blood flow.

The weather of Scotland has been causing other problems for the singer.

According to The Sun, two of her dancers had to stop each other to prevent being blown off stage.

Swift is all set to return to the stage on Thursday, kicking off her three shows at Liverpool’s Anfield stadium.

This is not the first time the Love Story singer had to stop her performance for a reason.

During the night of Swift’s concerts on Friday, June 7, in Edinburgh, Scotland, she stopped in between performing her surprise song set, a mashup of Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve and I Know Places, to call out the management to take notice of an audience member in need of help.

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