Live updates: Hunter Biden gun trial opening statements

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Many of the jurors were taking notes attentively during the opening statements in Hunter Biden’s trial.   

One juror appeared to become emotional during defense attorney Abbe Lowell’s opening statements. The juror reached for tissues in her bag and dabbed her eyes and her nose several times. It’s unclear what prompted the reaction.  

Lowell was 35 minutes into his statement, and had explained how despite claims from prosecutors, the evidence doesn’t show Hunter Biden was using drugs the day he bought the gun. Lowell was discussing the circumstances of the tumultuous days when Hallie Biden found the gun and threw it in a trash can outside a supermarket.   

As Lowell finished his argument that the only fair verdict would be not guilty, showing the charges and emphasizing how the government must prove Hunter Biden “knowingly” violated the law, the juror folded her arms, holding her tissues.  

As she stood to leave for the morning break the juror took a deep breath and walked out slowly. 

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