Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham breaks silence on ‘nepo baby’ label

David Beckham and Victorias oldest son addresses nepo baby label
David Beckham and Victoria’s oldest son addresses ‘nepo baby’ label

David Beckham and Victoria’s son Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham weighs in on his nepo baby label.

“I mean, I can’t help how I was born,” said Brooklyn in a new interview with InStyle.

The chef continued, “I couldn’t ask for better parents and I’m just trying to work my ass off and trying to make a name for myself.”

“That’s all I can say, really,” he remarked.

While talking about making a big name for himself, Brooklyn, who begins new company Cloud23, “I think what I wanted for so long—especially the last few years—is I really wanted to make a name for myself.”

Brooklyn explained, “I’m always going to have haters and that’s fine, and it’s probably going to get worse. I hope not.”

However, he stated, “I’m excited for people to try [Cloud23] and I don’t know, what else can I say? Where would I want my business to be in 20 years? I want my product to be [everywhere]. I would love to have my own restaurant.”

“You have to be happy to be successful. That’s important,” dished the chef.

In another interview with Insider, Brooklyn revealed he’s “used to the hate”.

“It doesn’t really bother me. Cooking makes me happy. I have more important things to worry about than people saying a little bit of rubbish about me,” mentioned the celebrity chef.

Brooklyn reflected, “There are always going to be people out there who try and pull you down. I’m doing my thing and working my bum off.”

“So, they can keep writing what they want, but it’s not going to bother me—I’m just going to keep doing my thing,” he added.

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