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Solving the brain drain

That may be true. But are there enough people with sufficient skill to help every business optimize itself for the new workspace?  After all, many of the hugely transformative digital forces impacting business (from BYOD to remote work to genAI) have happened too swiftly for a large cohort of experienced change management leaders to emerge. That makes for a brain drain in experience.

“I think it’s absolutely fair to say [that],” said Covington, who pointed out that the accelerating consolidation of the different tech elements of successful digital transformation makes the lack of available skills more complex to navigate. 

“Think about, again, not just device management, but application lifecycle management, security, patch management, connectivity, all those things kind of coming together to, I think, be orchestrated in a way that the outcomes are optimized. You need tools that bring these things together in an easier way so that you don’t have to bring a subject matter expert from each of those different kind of domain areas together just to turn the thing on. And then you also need tools that help an individual or a small team cope with the day-to-day management of oversight of a deployment.

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