Nomad’s new iPhone 15 Pro accessory is like a skin, but better

Accessory maker Nomad is back with a new leather product for the iPhone 15 Pro that’s not quite a case and not quite a skin. Instead, the company’s new ‘Magnetic Leather Back’ accessory is exactly as it sounds: a leather panel that attaches to the back of your iPhone via MagSafe.

As someone who hates using cases and has mixed feelings about skins (I love Dbrand’s designs, but I’m truly terrible at applying them), the Magnetic Leather Back seems like a perfect compromise. You get the extra grip of a case without the bulk.nomad Magnetic Leather Back snap onOf course, there’s a little bit more going on with Nomad’s new accessory. It attaches primarily via MagSafe, but the Magnetic Leather Back includes micro-suction patches in the corners to help prevent the back from spinning around the MagSafe ring.

The Magnetic Leather Back is primarily Horween leather with a polycarbonate underside and bumper around the camera to help protect the lenses. Beyond that, there are no sides to the backplate, so your iPhone’s fancy titanium edges remain exposed.

nomad Magnetic Leather Back front and back scaled

The front and back of the Magnetic Leather Back, showing the micro-suction pads.

Beyond that, there’s not much else to say about the Magnetic Leather Back. It’s compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging, it’s 2.05mm thick, and it’s only available for the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max. The accessory comes in two colours, black or ‘rustic brown.’ It costs $40 USD (about $54.32 CAD) and is available on Nomad’s website here.

Images credit: Nomad

Source: Digital Trends

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