No need to look up from your phone. Apple is trying to cure your motion sickness.

If staring at your phone in a moving vehicle is a puke-worthy or vertigo-inducing experience, Apple‘s new Vehicle Motion Cues might be a solution.

Announced along with a series of other new accessibility features, Vehicle Motion Cues turn built-in motion sensors in iPhone and iPads into anti-sickness aids.

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“Research shows that motion sickness is commonly caused by a sensory conflict between what a person sees and what they feel, which can prevent some users from comfortably using iPhone or iPad while riding in a moving vehicle,” explained Apple.

A screenshot of an iPhone displaying an online recipe. Several black dots light up across on the screen.

Credit: Apple

When the new setting is turned on, a user’s phone starts displaying animated black dots on the edges of the screen. The dots move along with the motion of the phone or vehicle to reduce the aforementioned sensory conflict, shifting across the screen as a vehicle turns right or left or suddenly stops, “without interfering with the main content.”

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