Ferrari sent Lewis Hamilton warning as Max Verstappen calls out McLaren chief

Max Verstappen has called out McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown, claiming that the American is attempting to ‘stir things up’ by predicting a mass exodus at Red Bull in the wake of Adrian Newey’s departure verdict.

“He obviously wants to stir things up. For us as a team we can’t do anything with comments like that,” Verstappen explained.

“From his point of view, I understand it of course, because everyone is trying to attract our people and that is completely normal in the world of Formula One as well. But I’m not really interested in those things either. I see the headlines, but I don’t even click on them.”

Verstappen also caveated the new long-term contract signed by Pierre Wache and other members of the Red Bull staff with Christian Horner keen to strengthen his grip on the squad.

“In life, you can never guarantee everything,” he continued. “It’s also possible that I won’t wake up tomorrow morning, so in the end, you never know things 100 per cent for sure in life anyway.

“Of course, a lot of agreements are made, but in the end, it’s also about everyone being happy with their work and feeling appreciated within the team. There are a lot of human aspects involved as well.”

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