Total solar eclipse to sweep across Mexico, the US and Canada

A total solar eclipse will sweep across the Pacific Ocean, through Mexico, the US and Canada and end over the Atlantic Ocean on 8 April.

The phenomenon occurs when the moon passes directly in front of the sun, blocking out the bright surface and revealing the ghostly traces of the sun’s atmosphere.

The alignment has to be precise, and this gives rise to a narrow track of totality from which the total eclipse can be seen.

This month the track will be roughly 71 miles (115km) across. Outside the track, a partial eclipse can be seen but the further from the track of totality, the smaller the portion of the sun that will be obscured.

Observers on the western coasts of Ireland and Scotland will be able to glimpse the partial solar eclipse, as the sun is setting that evening.

The total eclipse will be visible in Mexico between 10.51 MDT and 12.32 CST; in the US between 13.27 CDT and 15.35 EDT; and in Canada between 15.12 EDT and 17.16 NDT.

Searching online for “eclipse track 8 April 2024” will bring up maps and information.

The next solar eclipse visible from London will be a partial eclipse on 29 March 2025.

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