Save $200 or more on Traeger pellet grills and pay as little as $389 in time for Memorial Day

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Some hardcore barbecue nerds may scoff at pellet grills, but I’m a big fan thanks to their shallow learning curve, cheap operation, easy clean-up, and handy features. Right now, Amazon has some of the most popular Traeger pellet grills on sale for $200 off. And if you order now, you’ll get your new cooker in time for Memorial Day.

Traeger Grills Pro 575 Electric Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker with WiFi and App Connectivity $599 (Was $799)

With 575 square inches of cooking space (hence the name), this is the perfect pellet grill for regular backyard cooking. There are much bigger models out there, but they take longer to heat up and require more fuel to achieve and maintain the same temperatures. A smaller grill can save you quite a bit of time and money in the long run. This Traeger has all the features you’d expect from an advanced pellet grill, including a rugged auger to push pellets into the fire pot and app connectivity so you can monitor your fire from afar.

I’ve personally used this model quite a bit before I upgraded and it’s rock solid. And for $599, it grills, smoke, bakes, or whatever kind of cooking you might want to try. I think it’s at its best when you make pork belly burnt ends, but if you want to chuck a turkey in there, then more power to you.

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