Origins of the Fresno Nightcrawler, a Pants-shaped Cryptid

Also known as the Fresno alien, the tiny white cryptid was first spotted on video in late 2007 by a Fresno, California, resident who identified himself as “Jose.” A little after midnight on Nov. 5, the man was awakened by his barking dog and decided to check his surveillance camera footage to see why.

And there, on the screen, he saw two unusual creatures strutting across his front lawn.

Afraid and needing answers, the Fresno resident shared this intriguing footage with the city’s Univision affiliate station.

Enter paranormal investigator Victor Camacho.

Public Debut

The host of the radio show “Los Desvelados” played a pivotal role in bringing the Fresno Nightcrawler phenomenon into the public eye. His experience with the Nightcrawler began when Univision asked him to come on air to review the footage and declare that the cryptids were indeed extraterrestrials.

He had never seen such a creature and refused to make this confirmation based on the grainy footage alone. Months later, Jose reached out, hoping for new information, and Camacho visited his home to see where the creatures were first sighted.

Later that year, the paranormal investigator premiered Jose’s footage at a UFO conference in 2008, sparking widespread interest and debate within the paranormal community. His presentation increased scrutiny and speculation, with various experts and enthusiasts trying to decipher whether the creatures were extraterrestrial, supernatural or simply a hoax.

However, after meeting with the Fresno resident, the investigator firmly believed the footage was legitimate.

Jose was filled with fear after the sighting, Camacho told the Fresno Bee. “He didn’t even want to go out of the house. He stayed home for a couple [of] weeks … It wasn’t possible that someone tried to make this video just to fool you or the TV station.”

Camacho has continued to discuss and investigate the Nightcrawlers, deepening the public’s intrigue and helping the cryptids become a notable subject within the field of ufology.

Rare Appearances

Ultimately, the creature is nowhere near as prominent as heavy hitters like Nessie, partially due to the rarity of its sightings. Only a handful of people have reported spotting Fresno’s most famous cryptid since that fateful night on Jose’s lawn.

Four years after its rise to fame, the Fresno alien was allegedly spotted in Yosemite National Park in 2011. Apparently Fresno Nightcrawlers were also captured on camera in Poland in 2017 and Montana in 2020. However, there’s still no hard evidence that the creatures actually exist; sign point to a hoax.

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