Bharti Singh Gets Discharged After Successful Gallbladder Surgery – News18

She also cried for staying away from her son, Golla. (Image Credits: Instagram/bharti.laughterqueen)

She also cried for staying away from her son, Golla. (Image Credits: Instagram/bharti.laughterqueen)

In an emotional vlog, Bharti Singh shared that she was terrified before the gallbladder surgery.

Comedian Bharti Singh recently faced a health scare and was admitted to Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai. She initially ignored her severe stomach pain, but later she was diagnosed with stones in her gallbladder. The comedian was admitted for a couple of days. Now, after a successful surgery, Bharti Singh is back. In an emotional video on her YouTube channel, LOL (Life of Limbachiyaa’s), she opened up about being terrified before the surgery and couldn’t stay away from her son, Golla.

The comedian said, “My operation is done, I am very happy. I am not as scared as I was. I was very scared, cried a lot seeing the operation theatre, but after that, the doctors were so good. I don’t know when my eyes closed and I regained consciousness. The operation was done around 3:30 or 4 in the afternoon, and I came to the room at 9 o’clock, and it’s now 1 o’clock at night. Now I am completely stress free. My stone has come out, my stone is with me.”

Bharti Singh added, “The doctors were good. They were asking everything, how does it feel to work in Dance Deewane? How does shooting happen? They were talking to me. I remember the last thing they asked, ‘Bharti Ji, when is your shooting?’ I don’t know if I answered them or not. Then after that, when I regained consciousness, I was in my room. I don’t know when they brought me here, but I’m feeling very, very, very good right now.”

Hours before the surgery, Bharti Singh claimed she was terrified and recounted that her day started with injections at 6 am, followed by x-rays and an MRI. When the doctors first met her, she couldn’t stop crying. However, when the doctors urged her to remain confident, she started feeling positive. Bharti Singh married Haarsh Limbachiyaa in 2017, and together, the couple welcomed their son Golla in April 2022.

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