Apple WWDC 2024 LIVE updates: All the expected announcements including iOS 18, AI features and more


Apple’s hotly anticipated annual conference for software developers, where the tech giant is expected to finally unveil plans for integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its products, is set to kick off Monday, June 10 at 1pm ET (10am PT). will be covering the event, Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2024, where the company is likely to try to jumpstart interest in its flagship product, the iPhone, which has experienced a 10 percent downturn in sales last quarter, to approximately $45.96 billion, its lowest since the pandemic.

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Apple Vision Pro is going international this summer

In addition to the expected unveiling of the headset’s new operating system, Apple has announced that the breathtakingly high-tech and expensive VR goggles will be rolling out across the world this summer.

On June 28, the Vision Pro will hit Asia, going on the market in China, Japan and Singapore.

Then, on July 12, the goggles will be coming to the rest of the west, becoming available in the UK, Australia, Canada, France, and Germany.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook is leading with the latest offerings from Apple TV+

After an intentionally cute ‘skydiving’ intro, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook kicked things off with a sprawling teaser for their in-house entertainment streamer’s offerings for Apple TV+.

Packed with A-list Hollywood talent, from George Clooney and Brad Pitt in the upcoming film ‘Wolfs,’ to Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum in ‘Fly Me to the Moon,’ the tech company seems to be throwing its weight around and spending big to gain an edge on its competitors.

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Social media reactions to ‘Apple Intelligence’ range from awe to ridicule

On the site formerly known as Twitter, Tesla mogul Elon Musk’s X platform, reactions to the months of rumors about Apple’s plan to brand its own collaboration with OpenAI as ‘Apple Intelligence’ has provoked everything from blind boosterism to whithering contempt.

Jason Fried, CEO of 37signals which makes project management software Basecamp, told his followers that ‘the “artificial” in AI has always felt wrong’ as he praised Apple’s simple branding exercise as a ‘great name.’

Others posted memes clearly meant to ding the company for taking an obvious route they found more unimaginative than elegant or clever.

As one former data scientist for Twitter put it, criticizing the gush of praise for the name, ‘You people are so incredibly easy to impress. It boggles the mind.’

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What is ‘Apple Intelligence’ rumored to be and how will it change Apple’s Siri?

Nothing official has been said yet about Apple’s agreement with OpenAI to incorporate the Microsoft-owned company’s ChatGPT into its well-known iOS voice-based personal assistant Siri, but here’s what we know going into WWDC 2024 today.

Apple’s vice president of corporate development, Adrian Perica, has been quietly leading the charge to integrate the two, according to anonymous sources who spoke to the New York Times — with the hope that the end result will be a Siri that’s more conversational and versatile.

Unlike its rivals however, Apple’s core brand has been built on being intuitive and easy to use for the average person, so the company is the least likely to take any big risks with its AI offering.

‘Apple is pretty conservative when it comes to everything, so I don’t know that they will “wow” people,’ Carolina Milanesi, president of Creative Strategies, a tech research firm, told the Times.

‘But they have to do this because it will be how we interact with technology going forward,’ she said.

After months of anticipation, the wait is finally almost over for Apple fans, as the tech giant’s annual tech event is about to commence.

Apple says the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which kicks off today at Apple Park in California, will be an ‘extraordinary week of technology.’

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