Alien ‘Dyson sphere’ megastructures could surround at least 7 stars in our galaxy, new studies suggest

At least seven stars in the Milky Way show signs of potentially harboring a hypothetical, super-advanced form of alien technology known as a Dyson sphere, scientists claim. While the researchers can not be totally sure that these stars host intelligent civilizations, they will undoubtedly pique the interest of scientists searching for extraterrestrial life in the cosmos.  

Theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson first proposed Dyson spheres in 1960. The general idea is that technologically superior alien civilizations might build gigantic structures surrounding their home stars, or around black holes, in order to harness the objects’ gargantuan energy output and further advance their civilizations. The most extreme version of these megastructures would be an enormous sphere that encapsulates an entire star, and lesser versions could include ring stations and swarms of gigantic mirrors.

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