What We Know About the Car Wreck Linked to Rashee Rice, Kansas City Chiefs Breakout Wide Receiver

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On Saturday, reports of a car crash near Dallas, occurring around 6:20 p.m., began to circulate, as the Dallas Police wanted to speak with Rashee Rice, 23, the breakout rookie wide receiver for the Super Bowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. Police stated that a Chevrolet Corvette and a Lamborghini were speeding on U.S. Highway 75 when both drivers lost control, leading to a chain-reaction crash involving six vehicles. Rice seen was with friends at a bar and restaurant called Local Tap & Table in the hours before the crash.

Dashcam footage showed the sports cars crashing into a median wall, with at least three individuals from the Lamborghini leaving the scene without checking on others involved. For clarity, the occupants of both vehicles left the crash scene, but the video clearly captured the men exiting the Lamborghini before walking away. 

The car crash resulted in minor injuries to four individuals. A couple involved in the incident, a 46-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man, have retained counsel, calling the situation “frustrating.” The woman claims she had to receive several stitches for a laceration above her eye, with ongoing swelling and bruising. Additionally, her right leg and ankle were swollen and bruised. She was discharged from the hospital on Sunday with a boot and has been on bed rest. Both the man and woman claim that they are experiencing post-concussion symptoms such as light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, and headaches.

The extent of Rice’s involvement remained unclear over the weekend, although he was listed as the suspected driver of the Corvette, which is registered to him, in police documents. At the current time, it is believed that a friend of Rice was the driver of his Corvette and that Rice was one of the men in the Lamborghini, based on statements made by Kyle Coker (the attorney representing Classic Lifestyle, the company that leased the vehicle) although it remains unclear if Rice was driving during the accident. 

Rice is implicated as not only the owner of the Corvette but also the lessee of the Lamborghini, according to Coker. According to the leasing agreement, he was the only person permitted to drive the car. Coker told TMZ Sports that Rice sent a text shortly after the wreck, acknowledging his involvement in the crash and promising to pay for the totaled Lamborghini. 

According to Coker, Rice has been a client of Classic Lifestyle since he was a student at Southern Methodist University, in Dallas. Coker indicated that Rice was leasing the 2021 matte black Lamborghini for $1,749 a day.

Rice has obtained an attorney to represent him in the matter, Royce West a Democrat State Senator from Texas, who has also represented Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys football franchise. West offered a statement on behalf of his client, on Monday, which read:

On behalf of Rashee Rice, his thoughts are with everyone impacted by the automobile accident on Saturday.

Rashee is cooperating with local authorities and will take all necessary steps to address this situation responsibly. 

The Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL are keeping an eye on the situation. Chiefs president Mark Donovan said in an interview with KCMO Talk Radio on Monday morning:

In all these situations you have to wait until you have all the facts and frankly, we don’t have all the facts at this point. The one comforting fact that we do have is that there was a multi-car crash in Texas, in Dallas, and fortunately, it doesn’t appear that anyone was hurt and we should be grateful for that. We’ll get to the bottom of it, we’ll gather the facts and we’ll react accordingly.

Police have confirmed they had been in contact with Rice’s legal counsel, “but have not conducted interviews with potentially involved individuals in Saturday’s crash.” 

Rice, a native of North Richland Hills, Texas, attended Richland High School and later played football at SMU. He was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the second round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Rice set Chiefs rookie records with 79 receptions and seven receiving touchdowns in the regular season.

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