Punjab Vendor Makes Unique Bhature Stuffed With Samosa And Aloo Tikki, Internet Reacts

Raise your hand if you love chole bhature. Well, who does not? From celebrity couple Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma to Shilpa Shetty, everyone has a soft corner for this fluffy delight. Recently, a food blogger on Instagram (foodpandits) discovered a different style of Bhature being sold in Pathankot, Punjab, which compelled him to try these out because he “had never seen or tasted something like this before.” The food vlogger came across a stall selling bhatures which were stuffed with samosas and aloo tikkis.

The vendor prepared this unique dish by stuffing crushed samosas and aloo tikki inside a bhatura. He then sealed the bhatura and cooked it on the griddle until golden brown. He served the stuffed bhatura alongside fried chickpeas, masala potatoes and curry. The vlogger, taking a bite of the dish, said he could taste both the bhatures and the samosas, and said it was truly delicious. “Unique Bhature Of India,” he wrote as the caption. The vlogger also revealed the address of the stall, which is named ‘Chatru Bhature Wale’ and is opposite to Shimla Pahadi in Pathankot, Punjab

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Watch the video here:

However, as per the comments section, the internet is not really impressed with this creation:

“Only this experiment was left to be seen,” a comment read.  A user wrote, “It’s a kulcha .. not bhatura.” Another user commented, “Justice for bhatura.”
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“No, what did you do,” lamented a user. “Maide me maide ki stuffing [flour stuffed inside flour],” wrote another user. Someone else added, “Calories ultra pro max.”

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