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Hyderabad: The GHMC collected the highest-ever Rs.1,864 crore in property tax till 7 pm on the last day of the 2023-24 financial year, against Rs.1,680 crore last year. More owners are expected to pay the tax at the last minute, with the GHMC keeping the process open till midnight.

An additional Rs.247.69 crore was collected under the one-time scheme (OTS) that commenced on February 29. In the last three days, the GHMC collected Rs.205.66 crore including Rs.79.59 crore up to 7 pm. This is the highest tax amount collected in one day since the GHMC was formed.

The GHMC data said major defaulters including Central and state departments paid crores of rupees to clear their arrears and the current taxes, including HMWS&SB Rs.63 crore, HMDA Rs.9 crore, BSNL Rs.13 crore and SCR Rs.1.73 crore. The IDPL recently gave a cheque of Rs.16 crores recently.

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