King Charles to continue 46-year association with tree-planting charity

International Tree Foundation, which began its association with the then Prince of Wales in March 1978, expressed its delight at the announcement with The King set to retain the patronage of the charity.

The decision follows a review of more than 1,000 organisations to mark the first anniversary of Their Majesties’ Coronation.

Oxford Mail: The King planting trees with International Tree FoundationThe King planting trees with International Tree Foundation (Image: International Tree Foundation)

The charity was originally established as ‘Watu wa Miti’, which translates to People of the Trees, in Kenya in 1922 by Richard St Barbe Baker and Josiah Njojo.

It was established in the UK two years later and continues to operate out of its Oxford headquarters.

The former Prince of Wales wrote a foreword to a biography about St Barbe Baker, saying: “Had we heeded the warnings of St Barbe Baker and other visionaries, we might have avoided a good deal of the environmental crises we face today.”

He also praised him for practicing “permaculture and agro-ecology… before those terms existed”.

Having worked with communities globally for over a century, International Tree Foundation has made efforts to plant, protect and promote trees.

The charity’s initiative is marked by its focus on people and forests, particularly in East Africa and the UK.

It’s projects are designed and managed by local groups, ensuring those whose livelihoods depend on particular forests decide which trees to plant, where and why.

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