I Write Sex Scenes For A Living. This Is Everything Bridgerton Season 3 Gets Right

After what felt like the longest wait, the first half of Bridgerton season three has hit Netflix this week and, of course, viewers are excited for a third season of steamy sex scenes.

In fact, in their review of the series, The Guardian said: “Nicola Coughlan is sensational as Penelope Featherington, whose long-simmering romance with Colin Bridgerton reaches boiling point – and the bonking is scarce but seriously steamy.”

HuffPost UK spoke with one sex writer about exactly what makes these sex scenes so appealing, and why it’s so easy for us to get caught up in them during a binge-watch.

Jaimee Bell, erotic story writer and producer at Bloom Stories shared her thoughts on what makes these scenes so effective.

Why Bridgerton sex scenes are so good

The build-up to sex scenes

Bell said: “Bridgerton has mastered the art of long looks, rousing music and quickening breath building up to a big intimate moment. And intimacy isn’t always overtly sexual.

“A look here and a hand-hold there hint at what’s to come for the main characters and builds sexual tension, which climaxes in a beautifully shot first kiss for Penelope and Colin, although the context isn’t what you might expect.”

Bell added that just this build-up is enough to leave viewers wanting more.

The teasing of viewers

In the first half season 3, Colin and Penelope keep us hooked and hoping that the couple will finally get under the sheets together.

Bell said: “The dream scene that opens episode 3 is a masterclass in foreshadowing, giving the audience a tantalising glimpse of what’s to come.

“And closing the first half of the season with the carriage scene, culminating in another long-awaited kiss, marks the perfect ending. It strikes the ideal balance, offering us a satisfying reward but still building excitement for the next episode.”

Centring women’s pleasure

According to IndieWire, 76% of Bridgerton viewers are women and if Bell’s words are anything to go by, this is no coincidence.

Bell said: “The first sex scene of Bridgerton Season 3 is pure joy, with female pleasure front and centre.

“The characters are clothed and laughing, and the camera zones in on their hands which are entwined. The scene beautifully captures the light and joy in connection and intimacy when it’s based on mutual enjoyment and respect.”

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