Hamas likely ‘embarrassed’ by fallout from hostage rescue, says former Mideast envoy

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    Operatives with GOP ties helping left-wing activist Cornel West get on ballot in key state


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    ‘Ukrainians know best’ how to win war, but they need U.S. help, says former ambassador


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    Kevin McCarthy begins ‘revenge tour’ by supporting Rep. Nancy Mace’s primary challenger


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    Hamas likely E2 80 98embarrassed E2 80 99 by fallout from hostage rescue says former Mideast envoy (2) 672u6h

    Hamas likely ‘embarrassed’ by fallout from hostage rescue, says former Mideast envoy



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    Arizona legislature set to put controversial immigration measure on ballot


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    Hamas & Israel’s goals ‘fundamentally’ different even in latest cease-fire proposal: fmr. Israeli PM


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    Sen. Tom Cotton says he has not spoken to Trump or campaign about VP selection


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    Trump says he’s ‘OK’ with house arrest or jail after hush money verdict


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    ‘Meet the Press’ Moderator Kristen Welker welcomes son via surrogate


Four hostages were rescued over the weekend by Israeli forces, but the families of the remaining hostages in Gaza will “continue to be a source of pressure” on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said Ambassador Dennis Ross. “Hamas is probably embarrassed by what happened,” Ross said. “In the immediate aftermath of that, I don’t believe that you’re going to see a greater likelihood of a ceasefire deal being done.”

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