Government minister’s social photos swiped in crypto swindle

What was claimed

A crypto trader has posed for photos with several of her cashed-up clients.

Our verdict

False. The photos of the supposed trader are actually of Queensland Education Minister Di Farmer, who has complained about the suspicious account using her images.

There’s no better endorsement for a top-notch trader than numerous photos of them posing with happy, cashed-up clients.

So you’d be forgiven for thinking Isabella Thomas fx (archived) would be a fine choice to take care of your cash.

But there’s a problem. The inspirational quote-loving Thomas might not be quite who she claims to be. 

Followers of Queensland politics will likely notice she has more than a passing resemblance to Queensland Education Minister Di Farmer

Yes, “Isabella” has raided the social media images of the MP for Bulimba.

And the cashed-up clients? Well, they are the MP’s constituents, Anzac veterans, ministerial colleagues and even local Girl Guides.

Farmer was shocked to see her photos being used on another Facebook account.  

“I have nothing to do with that account and I have made a complaint to Facebook asking for action to be taken to shut the account down,” Farmer told AAP FactCheck in an email.

It is unclear when the account was created, but there has been a flurry of activity in recent days with plenty of invitations to “DM (direct message) me to start up your investment”.

Many of the dates of the images have now been changed to make it look as if they were posted several years earlier — often before the actual photos on Farmer’s account were taken.

A reverse image search of “Isabella’s” cover photo reveals a November 2023 Instagram image of the MP at Morningside train station.

In this post, “Isabella” describes a trip to London to build new bridges.

“We met, among others, my friend Lord Simon Woolley, who sits in the British Parliament House of Lords, and Sweden’s ambassador Mikaela Kumlin Granit,” the post reads.

But the original image posted to the MP’s Instagram in November last year shows Farmer alongside veteran Eric Beutel and Brisbane City Council Councillor Lucy Collier.

Another post features “Isabella” with a supposed happy client.

“Congratulations Ma’am on your successful withdraw (sic) and thanks for sharing us your success feedbacks (sic) on our company platform page you’re welcome,” the caption reads.

But the image is from a local blues music event and the “client” is former Brisbane councillor Kara Cook.

The account has even used a picture of the education minister posing with a group of Girl Guides.

“I spoke to 3 clients today…each one in a different industry, serving unique markets. But they all had something in common,” the caption reads.  “1. Jessie created over 800k in new sales since joining our program earlier this year. 2. Tracy did over 110k out of the gate the first time using our methodology end to end. 3. Mindy made 400k last month using our methodology and is pacing to be over 1 million per month by end of the year”

Other supposed clients in this post are actually Denise Morcombe, co-founder of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, and fellow state government minister and Labor MP Leanne Linard.  

Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, has produced a guide on avoiding online scams.

The verdict

The claim that a crypto trader has posed for photos with several of her cashed-up clients is false.

The Facebook account has taken and used images from the social media accounts of Queensland Education Minister Di Farmer.

Farmer said she has nothing to do with the account and has asked for it to be shut down.

False — The claim is inaccurate.

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