Drama Queen Michelle Obama Shares Donald Trump Keeps Her Up At Night In Fear He Could Be President Again

Oh my word. This is just too good. Poor Michelle Obama. Apparently, the prospect of another Trump presidency is making her lose sleep.

She claims she is terrified of another Trump presidency. That’s enough to make a whole bunch of people want to vote for Trump.

She goes on to say government does ‘everything’ for us. No, thank you. Most people are quite content to do everything for their own families and for government to keep its prying nose out of it.

Michelle literally says it matters who has the ‘bully pulpit’. That was the whole way her husband governed. Remember, he had a pen and a phone.

Honestly, we are in the third term of her husband. A whole bunch of Americans are not interested in his fourth term.


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Losing power is the only thing that keeps her up.

Perhaps they chose old Joe because they knew he was the one they could control. It seems he has plenty of skeletons in his closet.

She certainly talks like a lady ready to jump in and save the Democratic party from itself. Who would protest if Michelle were the candidate. It’s the perfect way to give her husband a fourth term.

It worked in the past. With this economy, people are waking up. Let’s hope enough do before the next election.

Do not put anything past her. It may seem like wild speculation, but it may not be far from the truth.

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