David Duguid issues update on his health without mentioning Douglas Ross, election


Party leader Mr Ross is stepping in to the be the Tory candidate, but his decision to do so sparked a furious backlash from many within his own party.

On Monday he announced he was stepping down as leader and would retire as an MSP if he is elected to Westminster.

Later that day the man whose candidacy he is replacing gave an update on his health – without mentioning Mr Ross, his departure or the election.

Mr Duguid wrote on social media: “At the weekend, I promised updates of further ‘milestones’ this week.

“Today I passed no fewer than THREE: was provided with a self-propelled powered wheelchair, moved from puree’d food to ‘real’ food, had my nasal feeding tube removed.

“I’d like to hank everyone again for all the messages of support.

“I’d also like to thank all the NHS doctors, nurses and therapists who are helping me continue my progress to recovery.”

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