Congressional COKE? Cocaine Found at Capitol and X BLOWs Up With Jokes That Will CRACK You Up

It’s happened again. The Capitol Police found cocaine where our nation’s leaders conduct the business of the nation.

This is the second time this particular dust-up has occurred since ‘decency’ was on the ballot and Joe Biden entered the White House … which is where cocaine was found in July of last year.

Between clumsy cokeheads, gay porn videos being filmed in the congressional meeting rooms, and partially-dressed trans activists showing off their artificial ‘assets’ on the White House lawn, we’re certainly glad the adults are back in charge.

This is just too easy, but we’re certainly not going to get in the way of Twitter/X users having a good time.

We’re pretty sure they’d have gotten to the bottom of all these quickly if they could implicate a Republican.

We’re not expecting much in this case either.

It’s true. The Capitol Police said the nose candy was found in a ‘highly trafficked’ area of the Capitol on a floor of their own headquarters used for storing furniture and supplies. The area is visited often by contractors and employees and is near the Prisoner Processing, Crime Scene, Intel and Reports Processing offices.


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Twitter/X users had other theories, of course.

You knew it was coming. LOL.

There is obviously no evidence that Hunter Biden was the powder perp, but the jokes practically write themselves.

Hey, he’s the smartest man he knows.


Okay, we laughed out loud on that one. He wants to buy ‘2 cracks’. We’re dead.

Snort laugh … without the lines of coke, of course.


That is disturbing … and funny.

Hunter did visit the Capitol recently, now that you mention it.

Now there’s a mental image … White House staff getting President Biden hopped up on speedball to carry him through the debates with Trump.

Let’s be honest, the debates between Biden and Trump are sure to be exciting enough without including illicit drugs into the mix.

One thing is sure: We could use a change of leadership in the nation’s capital. It can’t be any worse.

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