Antisemites in the UK’s National Union of Students Have Expelled Union of Jewish Students

The hatred towards Israel and Jews goes beyond the current war in Gaza, and beyond opposing ‘Zionism.’ It is evident to anyone with eyes and a brain it’s far, far more nefarious than that. It is full-on antisemitism, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1930s.

In the UK — which has done a bang up job of importing a lot of antisemitic folks — the National Union of Students (NUS) has voted to expel the Union of Jewish Students. While the vote is non-binding, the symbolism cannot be ignored.

More from The Jewish Chronicle:

Delegates at a National Union of Students (NUS) conference voted in a breakout meeting to stop recognising their Jewish members’ main representative body because of its support for Israel, the JC can reveal.

The non-binding vote against the continued affiliation of the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) was carried in a session at the NUS conference in Blackpool last month that began with calls to “dismantle” the Jewish state as a “racist project of colonialism”.

Lord Mann, the government adviser on antisemitism, said he was appalled by the move and promised it would not succeed.



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It doesn’t make it any better, and certainly makes any effort to deal with institutional antisemitism more difficult.

‘Anti-Zionism’ is a cover for antisemitism, and it’s very clear that’s what they mean.

They imported a lot of people from countries that hate Israel and the Jews.

And they have a lot of left-wing citizens who hate the same.

The UK is the place where you can get arrested for hate speech, so why doesn’t this qualify?

Exactly all of this.

It’s scary how quickly places have slipped into such overy antisemitism.

Against Jews, apparently not.

Not a surprise to anyone paying attention.

Nope, can’t.

Today it’s Jews, tomorrow it will be trans people, and the government won’t be able to do anything to fix it.


We’re not shocked at all.

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