XDefiant’s Search & Destroy mode is coming earlier than we thought

After teasing that XDefiant would get a Search & Destroy mode in the future, executive producer Mark Rubin has confirmed that not only will it arrive in the game, but it’s coming quicker than any of us expected.

Rubin first teased Search & Destroy back on June 5, telling an eager player that the mode was “coming,” but didn’t go into details about when we would see it. When Season 1 was announced on June 10, it announced that Capture the Flag would be the next mode added, leaving many to feel that Season 2 would be Search & Destroy’s time.

Thankfully, that doesn’t appear to be the case, with Rubin confirming that the mode, which will be named “Bomb!” in XDefiant, was being moved up the timeline.

An XDefiant player looking at a spider-bot
Spiderbots jumping on your face in Search & Destroy would be… interesting. Image via Ubisoft

“So I’m hyped for what’s coming in Season 1,” wrote the executive producer, “but I wanted to charge a change we made to our plans for modes. Our 1-life mode called Bomb! was scheduled for a later season but due to the number of fans who want to see this mode sooner, the team is working on getting it out [as soon as possible]!”

Rubin didn’t give an exact release date, but stated that more information would be announced at the next XDebrief, which gives players a look a future plans for the game. While we may still be waiting, the fact that Rubin and the team are listening to feedback from the community and moving forward what we want to see most is a good sign for the future, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

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