When is the next Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter? Dawntrail updates, patch details

Everything coming to Final Fantasy XIV typically makes its debut in FFXIV’s Letter from the Producer LIVE streams, providing first looks at upcoming seasonal events, collaborations, or even expansion details. A Live Letter broadcast always precedes new patch launches, revealing dates and trailers, and they usually run for quite some time.

If you keep an eye on Final Fantasy XIV’s Lodestone feed, you can get the heads up for new streams scheduled. However, we’ve got the details below on when FFXIV will host its next Live Letter, resources for the last ones, and what you can expect.

FFXIV Live Letter schedule, timezones, and countdown

The next FFXIV Letter from the Producer LIVE airs Thursday, May 16, 2024, at 4 a.m. PDT.

  • FFXIV Live Letter Timezones: 4 am PDT to EST, BST, and more
    • 6 a.m. CST
    • 7 a.m. EST
    • 12 p.m. BST
    • 8 p.m. JST

Countdown until the next FFXIV Live Letter


Official Final Fantasy XIV YouTube, where the Letter from the Producer broadcasts

For those keeping track, this is Live Letter LXXXI (81). According to Square-Enix, Live Letter LXXXI will focus on Job information for the upcoming Version 7.0, Dawntrail. Based on older marketing cycles, it’s safe to assume this is where the bulk of new Job details for Viper and Pictomancer will make their debut.

Additionally, Yoshida and his team typically give a macro overview of design philosophies and changes brought to new and existing Jobs for the expansion. You can expect to see new Job animations, glamour, and even hefty reworks. However, don’t hold out for any strict potency or skill descriptions — those aren’t concrete until the eve of Dawntrail is upon us.

Final Fantasy XIV Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida (left), Global Community Producer Toshio Murouchi aka Foxclon (right)
Announcements are happening. (Screenshot via Final Fantasy XIV YouTube)

Upcoming FFXIV Live Letter streams

Previous FFXIV Live Letters

Where to watch the next FFXIV Live Letter

FFXIV Live Letter LXXXI can be viewed on the following channels:

FFXIV Live Letter language and translation resources

While the streams are created in Japanese, for FFXIV’s Letter from the Producer LIVE LXXXI stream, Square Enix has said that it will feature a live Japanese to English interpreter.

This is common with the Live Letter streams but not guaranteed. For when they don’t, or just if you missed the stream, Square Enix releases a digest of the Live Letter on the official forums. These summarize all the information in English.

There’s no shortage of talented fan initiatives, either, as the FFXIV subreddit maintains a Discord channel of live interpretations in an unofficial capacity. After the stream, fan translators typically round up or clarify those points, too, giving eager players a resource that’s typically faster than waiting for the official Lodestone post.

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