Warzone players fear the worst about Urzikstan’s future

Six months of waiting has Warzone players champing at the bit for Ranked Play to be added to Urzikstan, but anticipation has devolved into frustration and doubt.

Modern Warzone asked players if they would be disappointed if Ranked Play wasn’t added to Urzikstan this year, and frustrated community members voiced their frustrations in the comment section. It also didn’t help that CharlieIntel added more fuel to the fire by reporting that the devs spoke about adding the game mode in January, but have been radio-silent since. Going back even further, in October, 2023, CharlieIntel claimed that Ranked Play would be added to Urzikstan in 2024. As we approach late May, that release window appears to have been pushed back to the dismay of traditional battle royale fans.

In response to the mixed reports, Warzone content creator IceManIaac said, “We eagerly waited 3.5 years for the big map Warzone Ranked, only to have it removed 6 months later at the MW3 launch and still yet to have it back 6 months after that.”

Warzone Specialist Perk Package Season 3 Reloaded
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At this point, some players don’t care as much about Ranked Play coming over; they want Warzone’s large map to receive new content in light of a recent drought of updates to Urzkikstan. “Ranked would be amazing, but just some BR attention would be even better,” Warzone Loadout argued. “New POIs, Specialist, Foresight, fan-favorite mode like Iron Trials or Buybacks, etc.”

As part of the March Season 2 update, Treyarch introduced Ranked Play Resurgence to accompany the returning small-scale map Fortune’s Keep. Then, at the start of the Season in early April, the devs showed more love to Resurgence by bringing back Fortune’s Keep and moving Ranked Play over to the popular map. Urzikstan did not get any new POIs, substantial changes, or Ranked Play throughout both seasons, leading to questions about the map’s future.

Resurgence established a passionate fan base because the small-scale map and respawn mechanics encourage fast-paced, easy-to-pick-up gameplay. Meanwhile, Urzikstan suffers from players not getting into as many engagements and players being forced to find a new match after dying. The Warzone devs have made it clear that there is more support for Resurgence at the moment as indicated by the wealth of new content, and it’s unclear if there any imminent plans to enhance the traditional battle royale experience.

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