Tower of Fantasy will soon introduce new simulacrum Yanuo

  • The hit MMORPG is adding its latest character
  • Yanuo is an expert at infiltration and camouflage
  • She’ll join the fight on February 20th

Hit mobile MMORPG Tower of Fantasy is set to add its latest simulacrum in the form of Yanuo, an infiltration and camouflage expert who’ll be arriving on February 20th! While she may seem like your typical humble and helpful character, there’s a much darker side to Yanuo than meets the eye.

Tower of Fantasy is set on the distant planet of Aida in the aftermath of a catastrophic disaster caused by the titular Tower. While scientific research organisations such as Hyrkos seek to uncover the truth behind the disaster and the Omnium energy that caused it, more shadow players like the enigmatic Heirs of Aida lurk in the background, looking to disrupt this research for their own ends.

Described as a dependable operative and expert at infiltration, Yanuo is nicknamed ‘The Perfectionist of District 9’, and is seen as a humble, warm and dependable ally. But although Yanuo may seem friendly and kind, she’s anything but, and is in actuality a double agent working for the Heirs of Aida. Planted in Hykros she’s ingratiated herself with with Brevey in the hopes of gaining confidential information about the Tower of Fantasy. Make no mistake, Yanuo’s not anyone’s friend but herself, and her ability to play her role effectively disguises her true, cold nature.

Check out the trailer for Yanuo below!


Yanuo will be infiltrating the Tower of Fantasy on February 20th, and players will be able to recruit her to help them uncover the secrets of the Tower.

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