There’s a third hidden weapon in Modern Warfare 3’s Season 1 Reloaded announcement

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s Season 1 Reloaded update is introducing a few potentially interesting new weapons, of course. The weird bit, though, is that there’s an unmentioned third weapon being shown off, too.

The weapon in question is relatively easy to spot in the official announcement‘s featured image; in fact, though it’s easy to overlook it when it’s being held by a character clad in neon purple. Specifically, it’s FN Herstal’s classic bullpup assault rifle: the F2000. This wouldn’t necessarily be worth mentioning, had F2000 been referenced in the body of the text at all. Instead, the two newly confirmed weapons coming as part of January 17’s Season 1 Reloaded patch are the HRM-9 SMG and the TAQ Evolvere LMG (Beretta PMX and FN Evolys, respectively).

Modern Warfare 3 FN Evolys
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s mysterious FN F2000 lookalike

What this means, in effect, is that the grand return of the old Modern Warfare 2‘s legendary F2000 assault rifle is now all but confirmed for the new Modern Warfare 3. In due time, of course, as there’s no telling when, exactly, the fictionalized version of FN F2000 might be getting released.

Further, this drives home the accuracy of the months-old pre-release weapon leak, which featured both the FN Evolys and the FN F2000 as prominent entries, though neither was seen as part of the game’s official pre-release materials.

Naturally, the F2000 will almost certainly not be known by its actual name in the game. Instead, some have suggested that it would be implemented as the ANVIL-D carbine, likely under the TAQ branding. Call of Duty‘s TAQ, it’s worth pointing out, is essentially a one-to-one fictionalization of the real-world FN Herstal brand. F2000 is the last popularized FN weapon that’s not present in the new Modern Warfare titles, making it all the more likely that it, too, would appear sooner or later.

Curiously, the model featured in the image appears to be a repeat of the ridiculous BP50 version of the weapon, which appeared in the World War 2-themed Call of Duty: Vanguard, of all things. If nothing else, the weapon should be far less immersion-breaking by default, which is a boon in and of itself.

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