TH3-M15 Guild Is Launching Into Steam Early Access Later This Month

Deadly Missions Awaits in TH3-M15 Guild

The indie game studio Capybara Forge has announced that their upcoming title, TH3-M15 Guild is coming out on Steam Early Access on 31 May 2024. Additionally, a playable demo is already available on the platform for everyone to try out. You can also check out the official early access announcement trailer to get a glimpse of the gameplay.

Get ready to become a member of TH3-M15 Guild, the deadliest group of mercenaries across the land. Just to be sure, there is no evidence or reported sightings of any of the active members so far. This makes people wonder if the guild even exists. And those aware of their existence are either in awe or in fear of the guild’s prowess and efficiency.

Now the world is at war between the Aigam Council and Phian Federation. And it is finally time for the guild to dive into action once more. After all, they will do whatever they can to complete their mission.

In this rogue-lite, bullet hell game, you will embark on dangerous assignments, fighting off armies of robots and creatures alike. Make use of an arsenal of unique skills, weapons, and items to take down your enemies.

Key features:

– Go into battle in uniquely created maps, against hordes of enemies and bosses. Each map will have its own hazards and mechanics to give players a great challenge.
– Fight an array of bosses, all with their own special designs and attacks.
– Earn and loot a diverse set of weapons, armor, and items to strengthen your mercenary.
– Overdrive your skills and weapons, evolving the carnage to the next level.
– Mix and match your favorite mercenaries with your best weapons together for endless possibilities!


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