Studio Co-Founder Jan Willem Nijman Now Owns 100% of Vlambeer, Wants To Preserve Classic Vlambeer Games – TouchArcade

It isn’t often that we see news relating to one of THE indie studios, but that’s exactly what just happened right now. TouchArcade readers and most indie game fans likely know Vlambeer who developed amazing games like Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing, LUFTRAUSERS, and more. The studio was founded by Jan Willem Nijman and Rami Ismail back in 2010. As of today, Jan Willem Nijman owns 100% of Vlambeer. A friend of mine tipped me off with the announcement that I missed because I’m currently in Eorzea, but that’s for another time. Alongside this announcement, Jan confirmed what they want to do with the studio and the games in the announcement post. The highlights include releasing ULTRABUGS (which plays good on Steam Deck going by the announcement), preserving the studio’s classic games, shipping a content update (soon) for Ridiculous Fishing EX () and more.

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Rami posted his announcement that I urge you to read as well for what he will be up to going forward. I didn’t know Vlambeer meant to shut down a few years ago or must have forgotten. I’m looking forward to what both Rami and Jan will end up doing in the future. This announcement seems like great news for Vlambeer fans, and I have my own personal wishlist for what I’d like to see from the studio. My biggest want is obviously preserving classic titles like LUFTRAUSERS which needs to be available on every platform. It is that good. Anyway this announcement isn’t about my wants, but just great news for fans of Vlambeer games going by what we can expect next from the announcement post. The near future will have a content update for Ridiculous Fishing EX. Read Shaun’s review of that here. What was your favorite Vlambeer game and what do you want to see in the future?

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