Stormgate third faction revealed to be the Celestial Armada, RTS enters Early Access on August 13

Developer Frost Giant Studios revealed its upcoming RTS Stormgate‘s third playable faction today as the Celestial Armada. An ancient and advanced civilization, the Celestial Armada traverses the universe in massive world-ships ruled by the Sovereigns, immortal beings. Frost Giant also announced an August 13 release date for the RTS Early Access to begin.

Essentially space nomads, the playstyle of the Celestial Armada looks rather unique compared to the two other factions. The Celestial Armada is built around the Arcship, a flying HQ that assists with the creation of new bases rather than utilizing builder units like the other factions. Similar to the Protoss from StarCraft, buildings constructed by the Celestial Armada will generate a cascade field that expands the possible building area for the faction.

Interestingly, the Celestial Armada does not have to worry about supply. This faction starts with the max cap of 300, and can build as many units as their resources allow. Primarily focused on buildings rather than units, the Celestial Armada also has to juggle maintaining an efficient power grid by building power-generating structures to support the many buildings it will construct.

Those wanting to try out the upcoming RTS early can do so by purchasing a Founder’s pack for access on July 30, or wait until it releases for free into Early Access on August 13, 2024 on PC via Steam.

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