Star Trucker delivers its chill mix of Euro Truck Simulator and Freelancer onto Steam and Game Pass this September

It’s been almost a decade since Rebel Galaxy ably picked up the sci-fi trading and exploration mantle handed down by Freelancer, but it looks like a successor to the serene galaxy-venturing vibes of both is finally upon us. Star Trucker is exactly what it sounds like, transplanting the chill A-to-Z courier journeys of Euro Truck Simulator to the interplanetary, uh, roads of space. It’s out this September, and it looks wonderful.

Unlike Rebel Galaxy and Freelancer, Star Trucker keeps its galaxy nice and peaceful, doing away with any threat of combat in favour of focusing on the hauling of your cargo to your destination.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be the chance of some drama, mind – the burning heat and light of nearby suns mean you might need to drop the cab’s windscreen shield, while taking too much damage from collisions and the harsh conditions of space means you’ll have to strap on a spacesuit and conduct some repairs on a spacewalk or risk needing a tow across the cosmos. As well as delivering your legit cargo to earn cash, unlock new jobs and upgrade your rig, you’ll also have the option to stop off and sell smaller goods – and even flog contraband – for some bonus money.

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For the most part, though, it looks to be a game to sit back and relax to, plotting your route before turning on the radio and firing up your rocket-powered lorry. The radio will infuse plenty of that good ol’ Americana feel into your deep-space trucking with a choice of genres that’d feel right at home on a Top Gear driving music compilation – “starburst blues, galactic rock and asteroid-infused americana” – as well as the ability to chat with fellow space truckers (all fully voiced) for gossip, request docking to a station or issue an emergency SOS if you need it.

Alice B (RPS in Peace) seemed impressed by Star Trucker’s bonafide simulation credentials when she checked it out at EGX last year, along with the fact you get a glove compartment and a call sign for the CB radio.

Star Trucker already has a demo on Steam you can go and try yourself if you’re curious, ahead of its newly-revealed release date on September 3rd. It’ll also hit Game Pass on day one, so you’ll be able to give the full thing a go for free then too.

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