Rob Liefeld promises he’s retiring from Deadpool for real this time, but not before teaming him up with some incredibly obscure Marvel characters

Rob Liefeld is returning to his most famous co-creation, Deadpool, for one last go round this summer, and he’s keying in on the vibes of the Merc With a Mouth’s big MCU movie debut Deadpool & Wolverine by paring up Wade Wilson with a different Marvel character in each of Deadpool Team-Up’s five issues.

Wolverine will be along for the ride, naturally, as will Liefeld’s recent creation Major X. Then there’s Gwen Stacy/Ghost Spider, the Hulk, and even cult-favorite early ’80s hero Crystar, the Crystal Warrior. They’ll all come together with Deadpool due to the return of a “forgotten Marvel character,” which, honestly, also describes Crystar.

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