Palworld modder adds unused Pokémon lookalikes to game

A Palworld player has modded unused Pals back into the game, including the previously discovered Mewtwo dead ringer.

Breed Unreleased Pals was uploaded to Nexus Mods earlier this week by ShameIHaveNoFriends. Rather than plonking the unreleased Pals into the open world to be encountered, they must be obtained by breeding existing Pals.

Dark Mutant, Dragostrophe, and Bolt Mane (as its original Electric Type or a Fire Type variant) have been added, and ShameIHaveNoFriends has listed which pairs of Pals need to be bred in order to obtain them. They’ve also taken the liberty of assigning moves to each Poképal so they can be used in battle.

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Zoe has some tips for anyone looking to become the best Pal-émon trainer.

All three of these Pals exist within Palworld’s files, but are unused in the game. All three also look suspiciously Pokémon-like in their designs. When Dark Mutant was first discovered in January, players were quick to spot similarities to Mewtwo as its Mega Evolved state Mega Mewtwo Y. Bolt Mane bears a striking resemblance to Luxray, while Dragostrophe is giving Zekrom vibes.

Datamined Palworld creature Dark Mutant and Pokémon Mega Mewtwo Y.
Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Dark Mutant and Mega Mewtwo Y. | Image credit: PocketPair / Eurogamer

Given how well it went last time there was a Pokémon mod for Palworld, it’s understandable that modders may be wary of putting Nintendo’s licensed creatures into the game. The aforementioned mod returned as a “legally distinct” mod pack, featuring the “legit copyright free” Yellow Rat.

Dark Mutant, Dragostrophe, and Bolt Mane could be made accessible in-game in a future update, though we’ll only know for sure if developer Pocketpair confirms it. Pocketpair is currently taking applications for a Palworld closed testing program, though the developer warned the program is “not intended for free play or experiencing new content early”.

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