No Man’s Sky update hype begins anew as Sean Murray tweets single emoji

Let’s play a game. Let’s see how long I can talk about No Man’s Sky without bringing up its redemptive arc (this doesn’t count, by the way).

The universe-exploration game with the chill soundtrack has certainly found its home among sci-fi enthusiasts, and the developer’s co-founder is, once again, up to his old tricks. Sean Murray recently tweeted something that has No Man’s Sky fans pretty hyped up. What is it? Oh, it’s just an Omega symbol he posted on Twitter/X. Why is that a big deal? Because Murray always tweets a singular tease like this whenever a big update is due to drop.

In fact, he’s posted it more than once, including three consecutive Omega symbols in one tweet. This is not a drill, people!

“So what is it?” – obscure Red Dwarf reference

This is absolutely typical of Murray. As usual, these teases leave no clue (apart from the tease itself) as to what’s coming. It’s become part of the No Man’s Sky marketing model and, honestly, looking at the comments and the recent posts on Reddit, it absolutely works.

Speculations have been inbound since the emoji post, with one person suggesting that it’s some sort of fabled Horseshoe Update. We can’t rule it out, though I think even Hello Games might draw the line there.

Released in 2016, No Man’s Sky has been something of a unique entry in modern gaming. Encapsulating a galactic playground boasting more than 18 quintillion planets to discover, its initial and disastrous launch has become a distant memory. Vast (and free) updates have exceeded expectations, bringing us a game that’s gone down as one of the best examples of a redemptive arc ever.

(Damn it!)

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