NieR 3 has sort of – kind of – maybe been announced by producer

NieR:Automata – what is taking so long? (Square Enix)

Three veterans of the NieR franchise are working on a new game that ’might be NieR’ but they’re not saying for certain.

It’s now over seven years since NieR:Automata became a surprise hit, with even the subsequent remake of the first game doing much better than famously bonkers creator Yoko Taro predicted.

Normally that would mean we’d be drowning in sequels and spin-offs by now, but apart from a mobile game there’s been nothing. Although Taro did seem to be hinting about a new entry during a concert in London this year.

Now, NieR producer Yosuke Saito has revealed he’s working with Taro and NieR composer Keiichi Okabe on a project that ‘might be NieR, it might not be NieR.’

Why a sequel should be treated as such a secret is a mystery only Taro and his cohorts can answer but it’s not even clear whether they’re purposefully teasing the idea of a third game or if they genuinely don’t know if what they’re working on will end up as a NieR title.

It certainly doesn’t sound like the game is very far along, so it’s also a mystery as to why it’s taking so long. Especially as Square Enix was pretty quick off the mark with the NieR remake.

‘I’ve been talking about wanting to do something with Yoko and Okabe for some time now, said Saito, as translated by Gematsu. ‘I’ll have something a bit more put-together to say in the not-too-distant future, so please stay tuned. It might be NieR, it might not be NieR. [Laughs] That’s about all I can say for now.’

‘I’m doing various things with the idea of creating something that does not yet exist,’ he added, equally enigmatically. ‘I can’t devote my time to that fully, so most of it has been left to the staff, but it’s turning into something quite interesting. I’m looking forward to the day we can announce it.’

If you wanted to make a new NieR game that is certainly the trio of people you’d choose to work on it, but what is really going on is impossible to say until someone decides to be more explicit.

What’s at least encouraging is that there’s no sign of a NieR sequel being considered out of bounds by Square Enix, after their recent strategy shift away from format exclusives and smaller scale projects.

NieR has always been multiformat, at least eventually, and Automata was a big enough hit that it’ll probably be getting a budget increase for the next one.

Taro has never given a hint as to what a third game might involve but given his love for Stellar Blade you can be pretty sure that it will involve a sexy female protagonist of some kind.

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