Monopoly GO: How to get free Anniversary Treasures pickaxes

Monopoly GO’s fourth dig event of this year, Anniversary Treasures, celebrates the game’s first anniversary. However, you’ll need hundreds of pickaxes to complete all 20 levels, so it’s important to find some early to finish the event. Here’s how to get pickaxes for the Monopoly GO Anniversary Treasures event.

How to get pickaxes for Monopoly GO Anniversary Treasures dig event

Monopoly GO Free Anniversary Treasures pickaxes
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You’ll find more pickaxes for Monopoly GO’s Anniversary Treasures event as you participate in banner events and tournaments, complete daily Quick Wins, and open free store gifts. Quick Wins and store gifts are enough to give you a few extra pickaxes, while events reward you with hundreds to skyrocket you through most levels.

Banner events and tournaments

Monopoly GO’s daily tournaments and events are the best way to get large pickaxes during the next four days. Each banner event typically gives over 100 pickaxes, with daily tournaments providing slightly less. If you have enough pickaxes, completing every milestone in events like Anniversary Bash can help you fly through the first few levels of Anniversary Treasures.

Quick Wins

The other main way to get free pickaxes is to complete your daily quick wins. Your quick wins are three objectives you complete throughout your Monopoly GO playthrough to earn small dice and cash rewards and progress toward weekly prizes. With these daily wins, you can get around a dozen pickaxes a day, which can usually help you complete part of an Anniversary Treasures level.

Free store gifts

The last way to get Anniversary Treasures pickaxes is to open your free shop gifts. You can open this gift every eight hours to receive around three to four pickaxes. Although this isn’t enough to finish an entire level, opening this two to three times a day can give you close to 30 pickaxes by the event’s end, making a huge difference overall.

There are currently no free pickaxe links for Monopoly GO’s Anniversary Treasures dig event. While free dice links are common and appear nearly every day, pickaxes rarely show up, making it much harder to find some through these. We’ll continue to update this section if any pickaxe links are released.

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