Mini Motorways heads to the Great White North in new Vancouver update

  • Mini Motorways is taking you to the Great White North in their newest update
  • The latest map to be added lets you optimise the flow of traffic through Vancouver
  • Sea to Sky is the newest free update and a great jumping-on point for new players

When it comes to designing cities, there’s one thing every game seems to get wrong. And that’s managing traffic flow. Yes, we know, not exactly as glamorous as putting down skyscrapers or monuments, but it is a real-life problem that many put their whole lives into solving.

And one game that lets you have a crack at it yourself is Dinosaur Polo Club’s Mini Motorways. If you’re already a mega-fan then you may be wondering what’s next for this traffic flow optimisation title, in which case don’t fret, because today’s update takes Mini Motorways to the Great White North. Specifically, Vancouver in Canada.

The new Sea to Sky update lets you explore and rebuild the roadways of the coast of British Columbia as you see fitto keep the traffic flowing and drivers happy as you wind around the natural sights of this Canadian metropolis.

For newbies, this is an exciting time to get into the game, and for longtime fans, it adds a whole new set of challenges with which to contend.


Sorry, eh

The unique challenges presented by Vancouver are exciting for fans of Mini Motorways. But for those of us not particularly invested in traffic flow management, it may seem a bit confusing. However, you may know Dinosaur Polo Club from their previous award-winning title, Mini Metro, and if you’ve played that you might now get an inkling of what the unique appeal of a game like Mini Motorways is.

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