Marvel Rivals Will Let You Destroy Maps With Superpowers, Just Not Completely

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Marvel Rivals, NetEase Games’ upcoming 6v6 hero shooter, will feature limited destruction on its maps, along with special features depending on where the map is located. The destruction is limited to help show the power of the super heroes, while not completely destroying map layout.

Detailed in a blog post, the Marvel Rivals development team explained that while it felt necessary to have destruction in the hero shooter, being able to completely level a map presented too many issues with the objective-based game. If everything could be destroyed, every match would likely end up a chaotic mess, as any small arenas or pathways designed for conflicts would just end up leveled. So instead, some parts of the map can be destroyed, with the ensuing rubble and new pathways offering a new strategic way to attack, while some of the more important aspects of the environment will be indestructible.

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In addition to those systems, the developers of Marvel Rivals have also paid close attention to the aftermath of the destruction. The blog said that they focused on making sure the rubble wouldn’t hinder the movement of high-flying heroes, like Spider-Man or Iron Man, while also ensuring that even if an opening in a wall has jagged edges, that players won’t get caught on the rough corners when trying to move.

The developers also touched on how the map will respond to the destruction. One example provided was how the Yggsgard map, a blend of Asgard and Yggdrasill the World Tree, would naturally rebuild itself during a match, since Loki would want to keep his realm in top shape. The other example was the Tokyo 2099 map, which was teased as having anti-Spider-Man security measures that would kick in after a certain amount of destruction.

Marvel Rivals doesn’t have a release date yet but you can sign up for the PC Alpha Test.

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