I tested Siri against Gemini and Bixby in 25 challenges, and one body-slammed the others – hint, it wasn’t Apple

With rumors suggesting Apple’s Siri voice assistant may get an upgrade at WWDC 2024, I’ve been looking back over our thirteen years with Siri to see what, if anything, has improved. Is Apple’s voice assistant still the best around, or does it really need some dramatic improvements? In a side-by-side test against the best voice assistant software, Siri was not the best, not even close. In fact, the best will probably surprise you.

Siri started life as an app in 2010, but Apple quickly bought the voice assistant and began improving it. Siri was fully integrated into iOS the following year. Back then, we thought of Siri (and Alexa) as tools for checking the weather, setting timers, and asking simple questions, like how much is Oprah worth? 

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Siri doesn’t always get it (Image credit: Philip Berne / Future)

When Siri was launched, it couldn’t control many of the features on your phone, but now it has some ability to press the buttons for you and find hidden settings, if you know what they’re called.

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