I am SO ready to return to Ravenloft and face one of the most compelling D&D villains in Vecna: Eve of Ruin

With the 50th anniversary of D&D just around the corner, the TTRPG giant has revealed our best look yet at its next campaign – and it feels like Avengers Endgame for Dungeons & Dragons.

Following on from decades of stories across a whole host of diverse campaign worlds, Vecna: Eve of Ruin (which is set to launch in May) has some pretty big boots to fill. Luckily, the 256-page D&D adventure seems poised to contain the most all-encompassing, multiverse-hopping adventure we’ve seen so far. Not only will it pit players against a legendary baddie in the form of the titular archlich (who you may remember getting the spotlight in Stranger Things), but it will also send them on a whirlwind quest across the game’s most beloved settings. Judging by the cover artwork, this includes the castle of iconic vampire villain Strahd Von Zarovich, whose adventure is often held up as one of the best D&D books.

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