How to access Lethal Company v50 Beta

After just over three months, the newest content update to Lethal Company, version 50, is now available. However, it’s not on the live version of the horror game but rather must be accessed through the Steam beta branch. If you’ve never done it before, it can be tricky. Here is how to access the Lethal Company v50 Beta update as well as how to revert back when you want to return to the live version.

How to enable Lethal Company Update version 50

In order to actually play the Lethal Company version 50 update before it goes live, you will need to enable the beta branch on Steam. Here’s how to enable the beta branch:

  • Right-click Lethal Company on Steam from your Library tab.
  • Left-click on Properties.
  • Left-click on Betas.
  • Under Beta Participation, click the dropdown box and choose “public_beta”.
  • Steam will now download the new beta files and update which overlaps your existing game files.
  • Launch Lethal Company from your Steam Library.

Keep in mind you will have to be on the same version as friends to play with them. So if you are on the v50 beta branch and want to play with them, they will also have to be on the beta branch.

If you want to stop playing on the beta branch and return to version 49 of Lethal Company, just follow the same process except under Beta Participation choose “None” instead of “public_beta” and it will overwrite your game files to be on the live version.

Furthermore, once the version 50 update finally goes live instead of only being on the beta branch, you will have to return your beta status to none. This will always return your version of the game to the current live version, regardless of which update version is currently the live one.

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